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Time lapse of a three hour all prima portrait session with Charlie. Charlie volunteered to be one of 119 portraits for the Portraits from Havre de Grace community portrait project. Like most of the models Charlie was unaccustomed for sitting to be painted and as an artist I had to learn to adapt my technic to incorporate the “wiggle” factor of my models. In an effort to make it easier on my subjects I had installed a hands free device on the back of my french box easel. This enabled my models to watch a movie or videos of there choice and also served to help get them back into position after breaks. For me it added an extra layer of information and influence as I painted I also got familiar with what sort of movies or music my models enjoyed. These live sessions not only improved my painting skills but it gave me a true feeling and understanding of the people i painted. They came in strangers and after three hours I had a depth of knowledge and had formed a bond with not only the individual in front of me but with an entire community.