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“PINK loves CONSENT” was a web-based prank that made consent go viral and sparked an internet revolution. Posing as VIctoria's Secret, FORCE got people talking about rape culture and consent online. On the website, we explained the difference between printing "Sure Thing" and "Ask First" on a pair of underwear: When it comes to sex, words like "no" are for setting boundaries—NOT flirting. THE PROBLEM: Across the country, women are saying "NO" and not being heard. Maybe it is because people (men and women alike) think that words like "no" are for flirting and don't have much meaning. Kinda like the "no" in this "NO PEEKING" pair of PINK underwear. Cute, right? It's cute when young women sport the word "no" as an invitation. It's cute when young women learn that pretending to not want sex is a way to flirt. Cute when their partners learn that "no" really means yes. THE SOLUTION: A boundary is not an invitation to try harder. It is something to be deeply heard and respected. Words like "no" and "stop" are not ways to flirt. If you want to have sex, go for it! You don't need to pretend like you're not into sex because you're a woman! And if you don't want to have sex, in any situation, that should always be respected. No matter what. NO means NO. The website was designed by Dan Staples, and the photography is by Philip Laubner.