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"John Barry: My editor wondered whether your work was closer to dance than theatre. How do you respond to that? Naoko Maeshiba: Here’s my answer: Someone called it ‘Dancing on the Edge of Theater.’ I don’t think dance people consider it dance. Theatre people don’t consider it theatre. I’m exploring this non-categorized performance… It would be hard to write about it if you think theatre begins with a script. They might be looking for something that isn’t there — plot, characters, how the director executed his or her vision, but there’s no real plot line, the thing about my work is that the beginning keeps unfolding and gets explored and excavated and evolves. It may be hard to locate the climax or the story. There are stories, but there are multiple threads. My ongoing question is: where is performance happening? I ask my students, what would you prefer – if one hundred percent happens on stage, and people have to figure all that out. JB: What would you prefer? NM: I want ten percent happening on stage to ninety percent happening in the mind of the audience. I would want to move my finger and have the audience construct a whole story from that. That would be my dream. - BMore Art interview: The Aesthetics of an Epiphany