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I always wanted to create a crusty, dark, variegated surface on my baskets, such as potters created with a wood-firing kiln. I spent eight years experimenting. Never finding the surface, I sought. One summer, while working as a teaching assistant in Burnsville, North Carolina, I visited a local welding shop searching for a bit of brazing rod. As is my habit in a new shop, I wandered about and looked at what they were doing. A fellow was busily grinding a large copper kettle he had just welded a patch on. What he was so busy removing was the exact surface I had been working so hard to achieve. I asked him what he used for the patch, and he pointed me to an old box of the tarnished rod. He said, "you're welcome to take this shit with you. I hate it." It was as easy as that. Recycled materials, woven copper, fired silver oxide patina 14" x 12.75" x 14.5."