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....we live in a society of “can’ts” and “shouldn’ts” and “sorrys” rather than “fuck yeses” and “hell yas” and “fuck NOs” all I have to say to women is this one simple thing take up some god damn space you’re amazing perfection the Rolls Royce of the world women everywhere you’re worth it without Maybelline telling you so you deserve to linger when you’re ordering coffee you’re allowed to take a breath before you make everyone’s day take an hour to decide what you want to wear take a lifetime to choose a mate you’re allowed to stutter in yoga class if it’s pushing you to be your best you’re allowed to speak your truth every single time please speak your truth even if your voice shakes you’re allowed to take space take up some space for your heart take up some space for your mind take up some damn space for yourself you’re allowed to be seen and be heard in fact you must we need you we need you did I say it enough? we need you you don’t need to give and give and then give without filling yourself up we need you as a full being because you women of the world you hold the key so please show our daughters and our sons women are not nice just to be nice they’re kind in the heart and a fucking giant in the soul they take up space in this world space for them space they deserve that says they’re worthy they light candles on their own just to sit in a cozy space they run baths for themselves wear underwear with lace set up paints and just paint they eat steak they didn’t make they drink champagne not in vain but because they’re worth every last bubble women of the world you’re worth it think throughout the day am i playing small? or am I standing tall? it’s amazing when one woman stands tall the rest feel the call so please women of the world for me this it is so that I can take up mine take up some god damn space. Tamara McLellan