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SUBJECT/OBJECT (2016) - full-length Concept, choreography, direction, environment/object co-design, and performance “Subject/Object” is a solo performance project that investigates the nature of ‘self’ through deconstruction and redefinition. Through three elements, Breathing, Digestive system, and Skin, I explored what lurked beneath this entity called 'self'. During the process, each element found its own form of theatrical expression. 'Breathing' led to the descent through a womb into birth. 'Digestive system' was married to a comedy about laughter in Japan. 'Skin' was explored through the cellular vibration outside and inside of the skin. The first part (Breath) took place in the regular audience section, which was turned into a vast field covered with plastic, forming a gigantic womb-like environment. The second part (Tube) used the stage as a shared space with the audience, creating a warm and cozy space where personal stories were shared. The last past (Skin) happened in the dome-shaped part at the very back of the stage space. Material – Plastic, water, salt Lighting design by David Crandall Sound/Music by Khristian Weeks Environment desing by Khristian Weeks and Naoko Maeshiba Object design and costume by Naoko Maeshiba Received Best Performance Artist Award in Citypaper Best of Baltimore 2016. Premiere - June 2016 @ Baltimore Theatre Project