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Standards of Care 2.0


A moment during Standards of Care 2.0 in December 2019. Photo by Kristen Anchor. Standards of Care 2.0 is the second episode of a performance series about the research and development of interventions and treatments for the alleviation of sex and gender dysphoria in the “western world.” With a run time of approximately ten minutes, Standards of Care 2.0 focuses specifically on the hormonal interventions in trans medical treatment, with a particular focus on injectable hormones for trans women. The Researcher, dressed in scrubs and protective gear, enters her study to return to her work in progress. Drawing from musty tomes of dated research, she is researching methods of endocrinological intervention for her transsexual subject. With soothing background music to help her focus, the Researcher begins to apply her studies, testing her injection technique first on fruit, and then on phalluses. As the Researcher reaches the end of her materials, she relaxes to survey her results, rewarding her work with dessert. Conceived as a series of episodic performances for video, the Standards of Care series examines the ordinary medical, therapeutic, and domestic treatments of trans people and the cultural anxiety byproducts. Combining aspects of slapstick and body horror, the series follows The Researcher, as she explores methods of negating and transforming a vestigial phallus. Each episode of Standards of Care is intended to instruct each other sequentially, as the Researcher proceeds and learns from the work, with the scope of research expanding into endocrinology, depilation, and surgery as well as domestic and cultural realms, including religious ritual, cooking, and music.