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'sssshhhh' photograph of paper collage in found book (*NEW 2020) shared on instagram as part of @ekplisso project. Launched during the 'covid lockdown' @ekplisso (εκπλήσσω (ekplisso) : to amaze, dumbfound) is an online collaboration between artists Elaine Fisher and Lucy Gresley that utilises instagram as a means of publishing conversational artworks in real time. Structured around the instagram ‘post’ each artist submits in turn a two dimensional version of work that has been made as a direct result of an ongoing conversation. Work to date has focussed on an expanded idea of collage which includes two and three dimensional works that converge with the artists main practices. Conversations begin privately on zoom and are developed online as works are made and juxtaposed, relating to each other visually, and conceptually through titles and stories that are shared in the post’s comments.