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2021 Dimensions: Variable Single channel Video Installation with Audio Duration: 2:26 (loop) In this single channel video piece, random GIF’s downloaded from the internet are inserted into photo stills of a distressed fence surrounding a vacant lot. The GIF file is a MEME of connective tissue, easily made, replicated and widely shared through social media. As it has inadvertently become an ephemeral means of social bonding, operating within minuscule yet infinite moments of repetitive gestures, and gaffes, within them are hoped for redemption and recognition through remunerative clicks, downloads, and widespread monetization. Along with the embedded GIF’s are the bifurcated text from the historian Timothy Snyder’s book, “The Road to Unfreedom”. This inserted text is the result of eliminating nearly all of the words from a page of the first chapter in “The Road to Unfreedom”, becoming almost Buddhist in its reflection upon the sanctity and political precarity of the present moment of political and cultural polarization.