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After each dance was performed, a talk session was held with the modern philosophers and the dance critics. My respondent was Kuniichi Uno, whose specialty was Bodymedia theory. “Uno: ...Today, I was wondering how a dancer and the audience live the time that continues to flow without any break. I was watching your dance through this lens perhaps because it might be connected to I’ve been thinking lately. But I think it is largely because the way you danced today. It evoked symbolism. I was thinking, if you melt into that hole, what would happen to her? Death? I was shocked. I understand what you meant by ‘wearing the dirt’. It felt to me that you were going through the process of ‘wearing time’, weaving the time of this place continuously. It looked like it was going to end, but it didn’t end, which is in line with what you said that the piece is not about meaning. Maeshiba: When I direct an existing scripted play, I need to be meticulously searching for a reason. When I dance, I don’t want to have a reason constructed by my mind. For this performance, I was trying to do something that has no meaning but expands audience imagination.” – ‘Let’s talk about dance’ – a post performance talk in Dance Hakushu 2008