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(HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED for movement 1, very low levels) The first movement of a duo inspired by the paintings by Peruvian painter Fernando de Szyszlo. De Szyszlo, influenced by Incan artwork and symbolist poets, draws the sol negro image, the black sun “of melancholy,” from a Gérard de Nerval poem. In de Szyszlo’s paintings, the sun hangs ominously: brooding the first movement expresses, a menace that manifests itself in the second. De Szyszlo’s black sun also touches the Incan image of the apocalyptic black rainbow (another painting title). The second movement is an apocalypse for 2 guitars whose destructive energy consumes even itself. Sol Negro, composed in 2014, was requested by Tom Clippinger and Eric Meier and premiered at Peabody Conservatory on March 12th.