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Four years after Otto Piene collaborated with Charlotte Moorman on "Sky Kiss" at the 1982 Sky Art Conference in Linz, Austria (see "Sky Kiss - Linz"), Otto and Charlotte worked together again on "Sky Kiss", this time in the California desert. The event was part of a week of environmental art works, called "Desert Sun/Desert Moon", created by artists, scientists, and engineers from the Center For Advanced Visual Studies at M.I.T., and transported to the desert near the Alabama Hills of California. Unlike "Sky Kiss - Linz", this version of "Sky Kiss" took place at night. One can never predict how nature will cooperate with such an environmental art work of this scale, and in this case, wind became a fickle variable, sometimes allowing Charlotte and her cello to soar high off the desert floor, sometimes preventing her from launching at all. I recorded this event using SVHS video, along with some Super 8 color and black & white film.