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Sick Transit: My MFA Thesis Show


I completed my MFA in Intermedia + Digital Arts at UMBC in 2021. My thesis project, Sick Transit, a tripartite intermedia piece about medicine, mobility, and art-making within a mother/daughter relationship defined by multiple sclerosis and transsexuality. Sick Transit is an exemplativist femmage, comprising a series of autobiographical monologic performances meditating on mobility, maternity, gender, feminism, and systems of healthcare in the relationship between two artists: the transsexual daughter of a devout Mormon who lived with multiple sclerosis for more than 30 years. The titular video performance is featured in Let’s Exchange, a streaming telethonic variety/talk show hosted by the artist interviewing more than two dozen Baltimore artists, and framed by Control Room, an installation replicating the artist’s pandemic studio. A supplementary internet radio show, featuring a playlist of related music, was featured on Carrie Fucile's Owls At Noon internet radio channel.