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As a young child, my father taught me to swim. I enjoy swimming and go diving often. The feeling of weightlessness and lightness in the water removes pressure found on land and allows my inner-self to explore. I look to the sun through the surface, deep under water in awe. I am a good swimmer, but also afraid of the water. The silence below the surface; the danger lurking beyond sight; the seclusion; combining to create a sense of exhilaration, of anticipation. The inspiration of Shape in Water was from the image I had of a man falling to the bottom of the ocean. The subconscious thinking process that he had lingering between life and death. It embodies the memory of my sense of water and the conflict between desire and fear. Shape in Water has been seleted and invited to perform at 2018 Beijing Dance Festival, 2018 Maryland Dance Festival, 2019 Jacobs Pillow Dance Festival, 2019 Richmond Dance Festival, 2019 Japan SAI International Dance Festival, 2019 Detroit City Dance Festival, 2019 Seoul choreography International Festival South Korea, 2019 Dance Gallery Festival New York City, 2020 Joy of Dance OY Finland, 2020 Mexico City International Contemporary Dance Festival, 2020 contemporary of Ballet Asia South Korea, 2020 Shanxi Modern Dance Exhibition of New Works China.