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This mask in particular was an addition to the mask set we made for B4 Youth in 2015, because the theme of "shame" continues to be a significant experience for Liberian children and the arts programming felt it was integral to address it. Liberians and West Africans at large are universally affected by the stigma placed on those who survived Ebola in their communities. Even now, after the Ebola outbreak has ended in Liberia and the country has not had any new cases of the horrible illness, discrimination against West Africans continues due to the fear of Ebola created worldwide. In country, Magda Kakita wrote this about stigma in the wake of Ebola: "Even though the Ebola outbreak has been contained in parts of Africa like Liberia and Ghana, some survivors of the Ebola epidemic face exclusion and discrimination in their local communities. According to an article on many survivors return home to find their possessions destroyed. Fear and mis-education in local communities make it difficult for Ebola survivors to find work." Stigma exists within Liberia and across the world as a result of the devastation left by the illness.