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Lamp shown standing on edge, and hanging from ceiling fixture


The second lamp was designed similarly to the first one, but with more thought put into the consistency of certain shapes and themes, and even includes a large cropped "Z" in one of the panels as a way of signing the piece. While the first lamp was an experiment I intended to keep for myself, I ended up having a friend express interest and arrange to come see it in person, and then shortly after had a friend of a friend also express interest. Since I had already offered my friend first dibs, I offered to make a similar one for the second party, but they were very insistent on obtaining the first one, so I offered my friend the option of letting me design one specifically for her if she wouldn't mind letting me sell the first one to the other interested party, which she gladly accepted. The photo on the right shows where it now hangs in her house after being installed by a licensed electrician.