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sewn figures, hand sewing, looping stitch, recycling, repurposing, fabric, textiles, layering, hand-made, bringing pieces together, thread, landfill, stitching as drawing, creating wholeness


The sewn figures parallel my painting and mixed media processes. Stitching is drawing, fabric is paint and attached objects create layers. Through collecting, sorting and valuing, materials headed for the landfill are sewn together to make something whole again. Each figure is made entirely from discarded and re-purposed materials except for thread, paint and some beads on the faces. Materials have included: electric toothbrush rings, gift bag handles, shoelaces, broken costume jewelry, hospital socks, old beads and buttons, rosaries and medals of saints, graduation tassels, sequins, leather scraps, fabric and yarn. Everything is hand sewn with a simple looping stitch.