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From show at Court Yard Gallery in Portsmouth, VA I had been thinking of stacking the toilets bowl for awhile, as I kicked the idea around there was something about the Burgher of Calais that kept pushing into my consciousness. I stilled don’t know the connection but trust more and more in listening to what I realize is my intuition. I did a few rough sketches and started to keep my eyes open for discarded white toilet. Then I was asked to be part of a show on sea level rise and I felt that the tower could fold into the theme. The curator and I discussed it and she like the concept and the elegant form the bowls stacked one on top of another created. (I sent her images of 3 bowls stack up to give her an idea of how the final piece would look). I’m planning to have the bowl translated into iron, so I can be more gestural with next in the series. The actual process was pretty straight forward. The tanks were taken off. The bowls were all cleaned well. The 1st bowl was set in its standard positioning. The 2nd was flipped upside down, a lining seat mounting holes and bolted together. The 3rd bowl was then was up right on top of the 2nd bowl and positioned so that what would the floor mounting holes lined up and were bolted together. The rest of the followed in this fashion with a toilet lid siliconed to the top bowl. In getting it ready for the show I had a ¼” x 30” stainless steel round base made. The 1st bowl was bolted and siliconed to the base. I made it so it breaks down in grouping of bowl and is put together with stainless steel nuts, bolts, and washers.