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"Music & The Brain" - Artists, musicians, scientists, sound performers, theorists, listeners, students and You have been invited to share talents, research and thoughts through workshops, performances, lectures and discussions. This event is open to everyone and will encourage new thoughts about why we listen to music, what it means to us, the role music plays in our life and the mysteries of music. Some events include a Noise party! (10:30am-1:30pm, come make an instrument out of junk), Vegetable Intrument Workshop (3pm-5pm, what could be better than pumpkin bongos and carrot flutes!?), a one-man band (3:30pm-5pm), an Instrument Petting Zoo (3-5pm), BEATBOX LABORATORY w/ Shodekeh (4pm-5pm)." - The American Visionary Arts Museum. Image design by AVAM. Photo of Shodekeh by Christopher T. Assaf. November 15th, 2008.