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Opening pages of novel-in-progress, Sangam

Sangam is a tale of a ghazal song that connects three men across generations, whose lives begin to echo one another to feed a complete tale of how music drives our minds and our hearts. In medieval India, the poet Khusrow arrives at the ruins of a ransacked temple where, stricken by thoughts of his fantasy lover, he begins penning new ghazal lyrics. In 1948, young lawyer Jayant hears these lyrics from a courtesan who captures his soul. But he is stuck with a job and family that puts him at a moral crossroads against his newly independent nation. In present day America, aspiring disc jockeys Amar and Erfan find a recording of the ghazal. Amar hopes it will help him get notice in the city’s club scene, as well as Erfan’s beautiful sister. There is a full draft of the novel, as I completed for my MFA thesis draft, and after taking some time on other projects, I've revived recent interest and am revising.

PDF icon SangamOpeningPages.pdf