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Here you see a sample portion of a video we filmed with videographer David Toia, featuring actor Connor Hogan in the Sorrow mask. Video made by David Toia, the videographer and editor responsible for creating Masks For Good's Training Video Series. This video is part of one of 10 separate training videos designed to introduce young instructors to mask performance using the Emotion Masks. This series of training videos were viewed in Liberia by 6 youth instructors who then used masks with their students in 4 training sites across the country. The video series covers: an Intro, Warm up, Why Mask?, How to address the Awkwardness of wearing something on your face to perform, a step by step process for engaging the whole body in creating "Emotional" shapes, improvisations for play writing purposes, work on status, the Importance of Eye Contact, and much more. Editor David Toia works for Johns Hopkins creating educational videos and is uniquely qualified to create the best video series possible for MASKS FOR GOOD's video watching audience. The 10 video series, complete, is available on Youtube only to select individuals at this time.