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"Pulse of Evolution" is a collection of seven channeled original medicine songs offered as a "Medicine Music Meditation" for the seven main chakras of the body. The songs are manifestations of a higher consciousness, reminding us of our souls’ eternal journey through existence. The recommendation is to listen to each song with your eyes closed. Connect with your breath, then connect with the suggested chakra for each song. Allow a spiral energy to unfold out in all directions, and then invite the energy back into your body. Feel the ebb and flow of the Universal energy that dances in and around your chakras and your entire body. Listen in any order desired to engage in your own "Pulse of Evolution!" "These medicine songs have been gifted to me from my Dietas and my home away from home, Hawk’s Ridge over the past several years. From my heart to yours, I truly hope they help you on your healing journey as they have done for me." - Sahffi Released October 11, 2021.