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Sacred Crossings, Memorial Tribute, Executions, Baha'i Faith, Iran, Shiraz, Angle of Iran Movie.


This is a multimedia installation dedicated to the 215 people who were executed in Iran after the revolution of 1979 in Iran solely for their Baha'i faith belief. This piece has a center edifice that shrines the 10 young women who were hanged in Shiraz, Iran publicly in June 1983. One of them was my second cousin Tahireh, 32. In this installation I have used digitized printing method on Chiri paper, printed on an etching press, mounted on varnished wood for keeping them archival. Sound, Rose water, removing one's shoes entering the edifice, a Persian rug in the center of it and 215 white roses across the exhibition space was intended to create a sacred space for those who lost their lives for their faith.