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This is an essay that started as a sort of journal--I seem to be incapable of writing anything that I don't end up shaping into an essay; in fact, most of the joy of writing for me is in the shaping of raw experience and observation into stories, whether fiction or nonfiction (I tried blogging and it wasn't for me--not enough shape to the form--I notice that the blogs I like best are the ones that present beautifully crafted micro-essays). This essay "Rhythm" is about my experience training to do a month-long bike tour in Hawaii a few years ago. It's another thing I never tried to publish--too personal and too particular somehow--but it's one of my favorite writing projects ever. Maybe one reason I'm proud of it is that it's kind of a classic story of triumph over oneself--I'm not naturally athletic, so to take on this bike training was a big deal, and this essay/journal is powerfully honest, I think, and, in its own way, powerfully celebratory.

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