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TEMPTATION OF THE FRESH VOLUPTUOUS is a tonal landscape—an aural installation—a poem. It is a truth-telling evocation of the over-consumption of women as vessels that have been used up (the natural resources of fertility and labor, aging now, like our planet.) Devised with director Beth Milles as part divine comedy in 3 acts, TEMPTATION manifests a retrospective of writer Ruth Margraff's chance arias, paintings and vocal art. TEMPTATION was created for the International Nišville Jazz Theatre Festival August 6-9 2017 (Serbia). We rehearsed at Red Tape Theater/Art Institute Ballroom (Chicago), and presented a concert version at Coe Marquis Series Sinclair Stage Mar 14-18, 2019 (Iowa). Tracks are being recorded at the Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago to be released by MI Records. devised text, vocal art: Ruth Margraff director: Beth Milles guitar: Ignatius Valentine Aloysius violin: Beltran Del Campo production associate: Pierre Clavel design consultant: Anka Lupes Special thanks to Cornell University, Art Institute of Chicago, Coe College/Dennis Barnett, Dah Teatar performer Anđela Popović, guitarist Marko Radojkovic, and violinist Jelena Funtek. Music composed by Ruth Margraff with PnkVlvt/Nikos Brisco for Ruth's Previously Blue and Ambergris/Apothecary; by Richard Marriott for Ruth's Passion of Leyla; inspired by dakhabraka/Lucia Thomas for Red Tape/ Walkabout’s Mother of Smoke, and Graham Haynes in collaboration with Haleh Abghari, Mathias Kunzli and Peggy Choy Dance Co. for Flight: torn like a rose. Performance consultants: Lauren Steinberg, Jorge Silva, Anya Elsbeth, Antonio Brunetti, David Hernandez. Very special thanks to Sullivan Galleries, Dijana Milosevic, Maja Mitic, Elyse Singer, Del Hamilton, Faye Allen, Karen Yates, Suleman Shahnawaz, Kevin Veselka, Senyawa/Krems Artist Residency (Austria), Chicago Experimental Sound Studio/Ralph Loza and Links Hall.