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During the 52 Songwriting Project, Victoria Vox embarked on an electronic (with the baritone ukulele) project, "uketronica" later to become Boombox Séance. Vox composed all of the ukulele tracks and composed the chord progressions and then collaborated with Aaron English (Seattle), James Hall (Atlanta), and Jim Troglen (Birmingham) on lyrics and melodies. Once the idea of an album was in place, Vox focused her later songwriting from the 52 Song Project on Boombox Séance. Boombox Séance gave a new, and undiscovered, facet to the ukulele. With the use of looping and effects pedals, anything was possible, and the juxtaposition of the ukulele and deeply lyrical, dark electronic sounds, was created. Layered parts and textures became the signature sound for Boombox Séance.