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The Press Press library is a collection of resources and publications that were recommended and thematically organized by more than 35 individuals, collectives, and organizations throughout 2016-2017, who each selected a range of resources they deemed most essential their own livelihoods. While the collection was heavily created through a local contingency, it also works in conversation with a national network of artist-organized initiatives. The Library presents a syllabus of texts relevant to artist organizing, independent publishing, social justice, racial equity, and feminism, which influence currently active artists and organizers, both nationally and locally to Baltimore, and informs Press Press’s on-going programs. Located in Press Press’s storefront, the library was created as a way of collectively molding the culture of the space, holding Press Press’s work accountable to it’s context, and building on our approach to public making as the facilitation of a set of relationships. REAL REAL : TEXT BOOK FOR REALNESS This xerox textbook features a collection of texts from our library collection and is traded in exchange for new contributions to our library.