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"The truth behind Baltimore's spirit animal is finally revealed in this punk/garage-rock parody of a certain Broadway spectacle. Featuring larger than life creatures and costumes, RATS! tells the story of a motley crew of hard-rocking rodents just trying to dance, party and fall in love – but a sinister exterminator has other plans. Can they overthrow this urban villain and take Baltimore back for the little guy?" - <br><br> Written, Composed and Costume design by Naomi Davidoff<br> Directed by Amanda Rife<br> Mask and Tail design by Izzy Lawler and Elise Collier<br> Makeup design by Amanda Boutwell<br>Costume assistance by Phoebe Troiani<Br> <br><br> Cast from left to right: Caitlin Rife, Johnno Marra, Hannah Friedland, Meghan Taylor, and Erin Reid