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"Raiments" is the first track on my upcoming album that features only sitar and electronics. The album started out as a series of sitar studies. Throughout 2018, various Middle Eastern and Indian folklore surfaced in my life in a few different ways. All of these stories have been translated into English and re-interpreted by Western authors, and I wonder how they have changed through all these translations? I also identified with the heroines of some of these folktales in unexpected ways--considering their stories are from a time and place so different than our world. But still, I found commonalities. This piece is written in a pentatonic scale--a frequently used scale by composers and in film scores for anything vaguely "eastern"--and of course, you'll hear the lively sitar melody throughout the piece. (I wrote the first version of "Raiments" as part of a live score to accompany The Adventures of Prince Achmed at The Parkway Theatre in October 2018.)