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great great grandfather Bastress' (b 1838 d 1915) trunk, BBW's Army Uniforms wool 1919, silk day dress worn by great great grandmother Watson 1866, great great grandfather's velvet wedding vests 1866, 3 of my grandfather's cotton shirts 1948, 5 of my father's Korean War era US Lieutenant uniforms, my high school graduation dress 1986, CB's gold & enamel cuff links, various bonnets, silks, gloves, lace, bloomers, and other random family stuff circa 1870, vinyl, leather, thread, tassels, casters 30” x 30”x 50” DESCRIPTION: Museums often have benches for visitors to rest upon centrally located within the gallery space. This was meant as a bench like object, also something that would also be able to move, but absurdly. I wanted to upend the idea of what was is often in trunks, preserved, but forgotten. Also, using the vinyl here, and in my other works to showcase and “protect” the items from spills or misuse as in the precious sofa in the living room