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As the world is struggling with the invisible COVID19 enemy, our healthcare workers are protecting us on the front lines of this war. These healthcare workers include doctors, nurses, and emergency medical personnel to name a few. They took an oath to swear to practice medicine ethically and honestly. Because of their commitment to the oath, they go to work each and every day to battle the invisible killer that strikes at all populations of people all over the world. Our lives are in their hands. These modern-day saints are making a sacrifice as they go to work sometimes without the proper personal protective equipment (PPE). Their patients could easily pass on the disease to them. Yet they go to the hospital anyway, aware that when they go home, they could easily infect their loved ones. So, they take off their clothes at the front door and head straight to the shower. As the evening with family fades and the morning approaches, they are filled with stress. Yet they head out again to go to war another day in order to protect us against the invisible enemy. Faced with a choice, they choose to save lives in spite of possibly losing their own.