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"Prehistoric Resurrection" (media image 2) (2016, 4:10 min, 3D animation, 2k live-action, single channel, digital audio) Inspired by the idea of ‘resurrection biology’, this animated and live-action short visually connects prehistoric references to crane survival and longevity through the beauty of movement and the tools of technology. A 3-D animated crane skeleton emerges from an actual photo of a 12 million-year-old fossil that then transforms into motion; interacting with present-day Sandhill Cranes and flies away with the flock. The live-action footage was filmed along the Platte River during the height of spring migration at the Audubon Center in Rowe Sanctuary, Nebraska. Screenings and Awards 2016 - River Revitalization Foundation, “Full Moon Film Festival”, group show, Milwaukee, WI. 2016 - Creative Alliance, “Baltimore Filmmaker Shorts Showcase”, group show, Baltimore, MD. 2016 - “Women Over 50 Film Festival”, London, UK 2016 - “The Block Film and Art Festival”, Logan, Utah 2016 - “Creation International Film Festival”, Ontario, Canada 2016 - “Sandhill Crane Festival”, Lodi, CA. 2014 - MKE Art Museum, outdoor exhibition “Temporary Resurfacing”, Milwaukee, WI. Credits and Creative Folks Cathy Cook, PI / Director /Artist / Cinematographer Paul Dickinson, Sound Recordist and Field Recording Collaborator Deborah Firestone, Artist / 3-D Animator Ryan Zuber, Technical Director / 3-D Animator, IRC Gionatan Tecle, Post-Production Assistant Will Hromek, LAS Intern