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Precursor to Hypercube is an immersive music installation that hovers between a thrill ride and a fever dream. Inspired by the mathematical concept of a 4-dimensional square, known as a hypercube, the composition explores the notion of multi-dimensional music by articulating musical phrases physically and visually. Precursor to Hypercube was made with support from the Greater Baltimore Cultural Alliance Rubys Artist Grant program and Recombinant Media Labs. Premiered at Recombinant Festival 2017. Seat-belted into bass activated chairs, holding a panic button, wearing headphones in a darkened room, visitors hear, see and feel a composition that is articulated by synthesized sound, strobe and laser lighting. Heightened by the effect of transducers on the seating, sound transmits through visitors bodies, and the experience becomes totally visceral. Strobes flash and beams of laser light fill the field of vision.