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Gallery view of Obama Room, Mina Cheon's solo exhibition "Polipop," at the Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 2012. Mina Cheon's Polipop exhibition includes Polipop digital paintings, video and sculpture installations. This gallery view shows Polipop digital paintings in the themes of Obama, the year of the dragon 2012, the war in the Middle East, and issues of race and culture. Many of the digital paintings in the Obama Room are about Obama and the dragon, since the exhibition is the first one of 2012 at the museum, the year of the dragon. These include Falcor from Never Ending Story, Toothless, and the D-War Korean dragon. Other ones in this room explore actors gone politicians, the relationship between entertainment and politics, as well as pieces that comment on today’s ongoing war with the Middle East, and the war’s relationship to media. Hence, the room is also about the American occupation and war in the Middle East, which Obama had to adopt with his presidency. The walls in the gallery are painted yellow overall with just the entrance wall in red. The yellow color works well with the many blue and red palettes of the digital paintings in the room.