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Gallery view of Dokdo Room, Mina Cheon's solo exhibition "Polipop," at the Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 2012. Mina Cheon's Polipop exhibition includes Polipop digital paintings, video and sculpture installations. This gallery view shows Polipop digital paintings in the themes of rise of Asia, downfall of the Western world, and Dokdo, the contested island between Korea and Japan. This room looks at the relationship between Asian countries, as well as the relationship between the East and West. The series of digital paintings in the Dokdo Room shows images of Asian countries, including China gone capitalistic, Japan’s hatred of Koreans as found in manga imagery, of the dear North Korean dictator Kim Il Sung with Pokémon characters, and images of the Dokdo campaign in various pop ways. The gallery’s wall is painted in red and blue to indicate the political colors of the socialist North and democratic South Korea.