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Gallery view of Diamond Room, Mina Cheon's solo exhibition "Polipop," at the Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 2012. Mina Cheon's Polipop exhibition includes Polipop digital paintings, video and sculpture installations. This gallery view shows light installation "Diamonds R 4Ever," which is a florescent light installation in the shape of diamonds, scale is at the size of gallery, with mirror at the end wall. Collaboration with Gabriel Kroiz. Gallery 3 is the Diamond Room, which highlights capitalism at its zenith through an installation: three light sculptures in the shape of diamonds made out of thin florescent light tubes and assembled with wooden structure support. The installation Diamonds4Ever is a new version of Mina Cheon and Gabriel Kroiz, artist and architect collaborative installation, Diamonds: Will You Marry Me?, which was first installed at SSamzieGil, Seoul, in 2007, with students from MICA who had come to Korea for a summer exchange that Cheon and Kroiz co-directed called MICA Korea, with students of Korean National University of Art (KNUA). Diamonds, as one of the most valued and fantasized consumer object, can be viewed as the epitome of capitalism, but the hollowness of this structure contrasts with the permanence of diamonds and their cultural value, to highlight both aspects—both the spectacularity and the vapidity of the object. The diamond installation also comments on our world’s spiraling economic woes and the descent of capitalism. The new version will be situated with walls that will be mirrored by mirrors so as to strengthen the installation’s light through reflection.