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Gallery view of Diamond Room, Mina Cheon's solo exhibition "Polipop," at the Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea, 2012. Mina Cheon's Polipop exhibition includes Polipop digital paintings, video and sculpture installations. This gallery view shows the main digital painting Polipop of the exhibition and Occupy 2011 digital frame monitors digital media piece that deals with collecting a single political pop image of the day throughout 2011. The Diamond Room will include another new piece, Image a Day: Occupy 2011, which is a wall full of digital photo frames that individually rotate pictures. Each frame changes the vast collection of images while all the frames together are showing them in different sync. All throughout 2011, I have selected one image per day that represented the most distinctive political pop image of the day, already existing in news and mass media on the Internet. The selection process was the artistic criteria. The purpose of this piece is to show a collection of one year’s worth of current events as images, encapsulated into digital frames, which signifies the flood of images that repeat throughout the course of the day as headline news framed by televisions or computer monitors. By housing 365 images per digital frame, allowing them to rotate different images, the digital frame installation pays homage to Nam June Paik’s multi-monitor TV installations, with the latest technology of digital photo frame and with a compilation of polipop images of the day over a year. The landscape of photos is a portrait of 2011’s world news and media and the images that are recognizable and that reveal a year’s worth of current events at a glance. The year 2011 ended with a large number of Occupy Demonstrations, starting from Occupy Wall Street to others across the United States to around the world including Occupy Seoul. Hence, the title of the piece includes a subtitle “Occupy 2011.” In a glance, 2011 begins with the up rise in Egypt and ends with Occupy Demonstrations all over the world, with some other media worthy events such as the British Royal Wedding, Japan’s Tsunami and nuclear crisis, on-going global natural disasters, and the passing of Steve Jobs and Kim Jong-il. At the Sungkok Art Museum, this piece is installed in 52 monitors lined up in a row in the middle of the first wall coming into the Diamond Room. Each monitor therefore houses seven images, representing a week worth of images, 52 monitors representing the weeks of the year 2011.