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The tectonics of Pillow Fort Semper were based on Gottfried Semper's Four Elements of Architecture. For Semper the 19th Century German critic of art and architecture, the home was constructed from traditional craft activities like ground cultivation, solid masonry, stick framing, and cooking. Each of these methods is translated into the building of the pillow fort. First comes the ground preparation, as the rugs and pillows are organized to make the floor inhabitable. Large couch cushions are arranged like modular stone slabs, with uprights and lintels enclosing space. Lighter, more open space can be defined by frame systems of trestles and chairs, and these can support the even lighter textile fabric of sheets and blankets that float overhead. Within these spaces, small hearths made of solar powered lamps will glow and release herbal scents, creating more intimate experiences that groups of people can gather around.