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Lex Powers, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Mid 20th century Chippendale chair Lex is the 5x great grandson of Provey Norris and John Gadsby, but did not know this until the artists contacted him. He is a city planner who is committed to traffic calming and urban design that is pedestrian-forward. The sculpture resembles a bicycle and is outfitted with patterns representing the numerous buildings owned and occupied by John Gadsby, a nod to Lex’s professional commitment to urban design. His grandmother, to whom this chair belonged, used to encourage committing poems to memory. He can still remember and recite them. He is engaged to be married. His favorite flora is forsythia, which is a golden hue that complements his favorite color, blue. Custom designed fabrics, early 19th century silk with embroidery gifted by other Gadsby descendant, steel, bicycle rack, hardware, horn, antique compasses, maps, keys, wheel, vinyl, gimp Centennial of the Everyday is a collaboration of Lauren Frances Adams and Stewart Watson images courtesy Vince Lupo