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Joan Sereysky, Scarsdale, New York Early 20th century spindle back chair Joan is the 3x great granddaughter of Provey Norris and John Gadsby. She has always known of her relationship to the Gadsbys, being brought up with the knowledge of a long legacy and ultimately becoming the caretaker of family objects. Some of these family portraits can be found on the tankards -- a humorous play on the mugs and ornaments with famous politicians from American history for sale in many museum gift shops. She is a volunteer clown, a cow enthusiast, a mother, a genealogist and a curator of family things. Her favorite flora is the acanthus. Gadsby & Norris family ancestral portrait stoneware tankards (fabricated by Jani Hileman), steel, Eastlake plant stand on loan from the artists, vinyl, ceramic, gimp, thread, stones, tassels Centennial of the Everyday is a collaboration of Lauren Frances Adams and Stewart Watson images courtesy Vince Lupo