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Para(meter) (2016) installation view B-side Festival, Portland: six lathe cut 12” transparent vinyl records (soundtracks of walking on pebbles recorded from inside ‘Weather Station’) with cyanotype printed covers on a turntable of European sea crates As research project Para(meter) aimed to consider how our human impulse – to separate and measure a constantly changing world – impacts on our understanding of and reaction to climate change. ‘Weather Station’, a giant inflatable ball, was co-opted as metaphor for the psychological bubble (our self-care system) that utilises the unconscious function to protect us from the pain of ‘real’ life events. “The audio playback abstracts into a kind of white noise which, when played through Fisher’s chosen medium – vinyl record – sets the viewer onto a contemplative journey where the record’s eternal cycle puts one in mind of Fisher’s own trundle-wheel traversal along the shore, and after a while the rotation of Earth itself.” (Trevor H. Smith this is tomorrow published 29 Sept 2016) Commissioned by OSR Projects/B-side Festival for Weather Station (part II) and exhibited at Drill Hall Gallery, Portland, Dorset during B-side Festival 2016