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oil painting, sunset painting, sunset, ocean, waves, beach painting, paradise, tropical


This is a 24x30 in. painting on canvas. I really wanted to capture the movement of the water and waves in this painting. The movement was very important to me, as I wanted it to feel as though the viewer were physically experiencing the solitude of the beach. Light was another element of this piece that I focused on; unifying the painting to create a feeling of romanticism and realism.I first began with several washes of colors for the sky and blended them together. I then began adding a thicker layer of yellow and white to enhance the brightness of the sun. I added quick wash for the water and mapped out the shapes and directions of the waves. After that, I began adding dark shades of blues and purples for the shadows under the waves. I did the same for mapping out the areas of light with yellows, oranges, and tints of white. I then used a fan brush to help guide me with forming the waves, followed by light blotting technique for the crashing effects against the rocks and shore. For the rocks, I used a palette knife to portray the rough texture using burnt sienna, purple, blue, and black. I finished off the highlights with a shade of dark pink in the direction of the sun.