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Spring, Baltimore, Pagoda, Sunset


One of my favorite sights and indications that spring has sprung is when the Saucer Magnolia Tree begins blooming their fantastic goblet-shaped, delicate pink and white blooms. They peak in early spring and only showcase that beauty for a few days, but what a spectacular few days they are. This scene was captured with a combo of persistence and luck. I made sure to keep a close watch on these two mature Magnolia trees, by visiting the location everyday, around golden hour when their blooms were peaking. And getting a little lucky with some lovely soft colors in the sky. Add in one of the more unique and recently renovated structures in Maryland (The Pagoda) and you get a scene that feels old world and from a different country … But, instead it’s from the US and creates a wonderful anticipation of the beautiful spring colors that are only a days from being a reality. .