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secondhand fabric, secondhand, plant-dyed, machine pieced, textile painting


37 x 42” The bookends to Soft Body. Dyed with avocado pits, onion skins, black walnuts, tannin, logwood, and iron. The hexagon in nature is mystical and magical. To name only some of the shape’s wonders: It’s an efficient packing shape that we see bees use, most snowflakes under a microscope take on the hexagonal shape, Saturn has a hexagon-shaped storm still churning at its North Pole that was discovered in 1988, water spinning at its highest velocity makes the shape of a hexagon, and Carbon has the molecular structure of a hexagon. Everything begins with Carbon, it is the key ingredient for most life on earth. We are made of several billions of them in our body. The element is even in our DNA and makes up the body from head to toe.