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Waking before dawn along the Oregon Coast for sunrise is always special. The sand under your feet is fresh, as the tide has washed away all the footprints from the previous day under the cover of night. And it's always a great morning when your eyes and mind get the opportunity to stare into the mesmerizing sights and sounds of the Pacific Ocean's waves crashing upon the rugged shoreline, while your body soaks up the wet, sea-salt air as it breezes through you and delicately leaves its salt residue upon your soul. Many of you know (either as Oregonian's or people who have visited), scene’s like this one, on any morning, might mean the absent of the sun and its light; as the lush, green state of Oregon and its coastline has many overcast mornings. So, when you wake and find that the clouds are parting and the brightness of the sun’s rays will be beaming its gorgeous tones upon the rock croppings of Bandon’s pristine beach line, you're giddy like a child. You smile at the rocks. You skip in the sand. You talk to the waves. And hope that something, anything can hear and share this beautiful moment in time with you. And although there wasn’t a physical person along the shore on this morning, I felt like the souls who have gone before me where near as I was squatting within in the wetness of the beautiful textures of the sand ripples left behind by that overnight tide.