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Oregon, Oregon Coast, Sunburst, Landscape, Ocean, West, Pacific Northwest


I love light. And getting the opportunity to chase light along the Oregon Coast is just straight up magical. However, sometimes it never shows. Sometimes it tries to breakthrough the clouds, but never fully makes it and you only get a small whiff of soft light. And then sometimes it explodes onto the scene like the entrance of a NFL team entering the stadium before the start of the Super Bowl. And like the fireworks, smoke and confetti of the big game, when that light hits, the celebration begins and my breathe becomes shallow and quick. My heart begins to race and I can feel the tingle of life from my ears through my body and all the way down to my toes. And on this morning, that’s exactly what happened. It was a typical Oregon morning … Cloudy with a side of drizzle. Some rain come and left and came again. Then it happened. A small crack appeared in the distance. It grew and expanded and when the light first hit, I still had on my 10-stop filter on my lens to create long exposures to help give all the motion to the ocean and create interest to the sea on this overcast morning. And instead of taking it off, I quickly adjusted my settings and fired off a 13-second exposure of the scene that was blowing up in front of me. And lucky for me, my new buddy Doug from (who I just met that morning) was standing strong on the cliffside, staying safe and motionless while capturing his own moment of this magical light.