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She knows why the caged bird sings,
But still she rises
As this phenomenal woman
Writes about her life of struggle and survival
From a Black woman to a Black man
And from Mom and me and Mom.
A life, from which she rises to be so richly blessed that
That even the stars look lonesome
As they gather together in her name.
Like a bird, she rises on the pulse of the morning,
But she shall not be moved
As she triumphantly endures everything her life has to offer.
So just give her a cool drink of water
And allow her to be singin’ and swingin’ and getting merry like Christmas,
For she has the heart of a woman
Who has a song flung up to Heaven
And prays that her wings are gonna fit her well
As she shouts Hallelujah at the Welcome Table.
For this is Maya’s world, but life does not frighten or deter her
'Cause she won’t take nothing for her journey now.

Microsoft Office document icon An Ode to Maya