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obj_i, 2016 Jeffrey L. Gangwisch Interactive Installation 3x Networked Holographic Cabinets 3x Networked Scopic Cabinets 1x Interactive Projection 3 self-portraits run in lap across all three holographic cabinets. If any cabinet registers a environmental sound, the self-portrait generated by that cabinet trips. A procedurally-generated horde of self-portraits run laps across the three scopic cabinets at different sizes and speeds. A large lens further distorts the figure. Again, any environmental sound trips the runners. A large projection runs through procedurally-generated scenarios. Environmental audio trips the running self-portrait(s), triggers a text warning for any viewer to be quieter, and affects many non-obvious elements of the program, such as the length of each scene. The installation is driven by 7 microphones, 6 tablets, 1 computer, 1 network router and 1 projector.