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vinyl, upholstery fabric, polyfil, steel, aluminum, graphite, a few of the family photographs and cartes de visites carried by my great great grandfather Watson during The Civil War, 23k gold leaf, his starched cuff, the deed, mourning fabric, thread, gimp, jute, staples, glue, hardware DESCRIPTION: These cartes de visites and photographs were found in my family things and notated that they were carried by my great great grandfather during the Civil War. Noting that each had “DEAD” written on the back next to their names, Lincoln’s portrait which was intertwined with General Burnsides and Mrs Deiffenbacher, one of my more distant relatives, all dead. I appreciate both the humor and thoroughness the hand which had written the word on each of these cards was. We are all, famous or anonymous, subject to the same fate. This piece was not just an opportunity to ponder death and how we memorialize what is important, rather, in placing the faces out but covered with 23k gold, I was staging a portrait session and I thinking about what the subjects meant for the images to capture, and what they may have been able to impart as well. 108”x 122” x 100”