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Not on View  Custom designed textile on historic canopy bed . Silhouettes derrived from unnamed historical women's images


Not on View Custom designed textile on historic canopy bed The Female Stranger is a local legend passed down over 100 years. While the details change depending upon who you ask, it revolves around a gravely ill woman who arrived at this hotel in 1816 and passed away. The only evidence remaining is a tombstone in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church Cemetery “To the Memory of a Female Stranger.” In the spirit of the Female Stranger’s shifting biography, this textile pattern features silhouettes of anonymous women, many found within the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection: · Slave belonging to Mrs. Oyley · Peruvian woman · Young Girl of African Descent by Powell · Madame X by Sargent · Woman, left profile, by Walker Evans · Slave belonging to Mr. Dalman · Girl with Dog · Silhouette image of a Kabuki actor · Relief of a head of woman in ivory · Archaic Greek terracotta woman 5th c. BC · 19th c. German Ornament with Profile Portrait · Young Woman Praying by Henner · Profile of a woman with necrosis of the nose by Bisson · Woman in White by Picasso · From the Girls and Children series promoting Our Little Beauties Cigarettes for Allen & Ginter brand tobacco products The textile’s pattern is inspired by a historic George Washington centennial pattern from 1876 in the Met Museum’s collection. Fabrication assistance by Amber Whitehead